Quarter Life Woman

When did the 80's hit the 30 year mark?

For those women not only wondering when they became an adult but how the heck they made it past 25.

Undergraduate business school graduate with a Master's in Human Services and a niche Commercial Banker by day. Geek, do-it-yourselfer and science fiction junkie by night. I like the internet even though it is likely the reason my mid never rests. Social media enthusiast with a Passion for community. I’m an open person with an obsession with volunteering, poverty prevention and international non-profit work. I over-share at times (mostly about my kid's bowel movements) and I re-blog the most random things.

Mother of two pre-schoolers and wife to a man who was my best friend since freshmen year of college, my life is not without its hiccups but is filled with stories of love and laughter.

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Instead of coffee, I brewed mint tea, slightly sweetened with honey, added a dash of coconut water and chia seeds. Chia is insanely high in fiber, omega 3, calcium, manganese, phosphorus, protein, it fights belly fat, keeps you feeling full and regulates blood sugar. #diet #fitness #healthy

Brewing tommorows answer to coffee. My energy wake up drink. Mint tea, honey and chia. #organic #naturalfood #health #diet #fitness

Came home late from work until 9PM and then the tail end of women’s bible study until 10 PM. To find a clean house, children in bed and a husband working out to gospel music. The immense joy of peeking in on my children peacefully sleeping and my husband vocally remixng a new gospel CD is beyond words. #family #OurLifeBehindTheScenes #SweetJesus

The personal stylists over @stitchfix combed through my pinterest and other social sites to send me a box of unique fashion goodies! Wearing the dress I am definitely keeping today to work and returning the ones I dont want. #fashion #personalstylists https://stitchfix. Con/referral/3636955

Anyone else save and replant some of their fresh herbs and veggies? Green Onion, leeks, bok choy will continue to grow of you plant the bottoms. #UrbanGarden #healthy #diet #organic

A bit of marinade for tonight’s chcken!

After spending the day under the weather, I have the strength to cook. Never forget that food is sustenance on so many levels. Sage for instance adds a distinct flavor to food and aids u n the digestion of fatty and oily foods. #dinner #medicinal #herbs

#AmazingGrace (at Newsong)

The drive to church. Of course my husband visited three churches today before I woke up. But in my defense I was up until 3 AM prepping for Easter dinner. #Easter #HappyEaster

Chai infused coconut apple beverage. Chia seed are a true super food exceeding most other fruits and veggies in nutritional value. #diet #nosugaradded #myhealthydish #fitness