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When did the 80's hit the 30 year mark?

For those women not only wondering when they became an adult but how the heck they made it past 25.

Undergraduate business school graduate with a Master's in Human Services and a niche Commercial Banker by day. Geek, do-it-yourselfer and science fiction junkie by night. I like the internet even though it is likely the reason my mid never rests. Social media enthusiast with a Passion for community. I’m an open person with an obsession with volunteering, poverty prevention and international non-profit work. I over-share at times (mostly about my kid's bowel movements) and I re-blog the most random things.

Mother of two pre-schoolers and wife to a man who was my best friend since freshmen year of college, my life is not without its hiccups but is filled with stories of love and laughter.

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There was so much love in the room during my friend’s rehearsal dinner. Don’t allow shows like #bridezilla and other horrid reality tv contort something so beautiful. Serving as her #bridesmad was worth every cross country flight and day off from work. To be in the presence of such a Godly example of love is everything you can imagine! #love #marriage #weddings


Christian Indian Wedding : Charline & Steve

How perfect is this? I love diversity and love and happiness and joy!



This elderly couple took a photo in their small garden outside their house for every season of the year, come rain, snow or shine.

They stood in the same spot for every season and showed off their beautiful little garden, which they were obviously very proud of.

this is all i want on my dash. forever.

Lie Down

Try not to cry

Cry a lot!

How did this lady convince me to have a mimosa while waiting for my pedicure? I just don’t drink. Peer pressure. #love #MARRIAGE #BirthdaySurprises

My limo driver dropped me off to the spa. #love #MARRIAGE #BirthdaySurprises

No idea where the driver is taking me, but I am enjoying the limo ride. #Love #MARRIAGE #BirthdaySurprises


This #Valentine’s theme is “I see you and I hear you. A stress free 2013.” My husband has heard I prefer orchids to roses, he paid someine to come clean our place and he got me a lower back massager for my office. #valentinesday #marriage #love #flowers

(via I’ll Never Love My Husband the Way I Loved Him) “I love my husband, I am in love with my husband. I knew that if we did not work out that I would be simply settling for another. Both my husband and I are hopeless romantics, writers, poets, passionate people who can both entertain each other thoroughly and annoy each other fully. We utterly altered each other when we fell in love and had to beg God to allow our love to continue after we so thoroughly hurt each other on more than one occasion.”

Made a #Valentines breakfast reservation at the Oxford Exchange for the Husband and I. #love #romance #marriage (at oxford exchange)