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When did the 80's hit the 30 year mark?

For those women not only wondering when they became an adult but how the heck they made it past 25.

Undergraduate business school graduate with a Master's in Human Services and a niche Commercial Banker by day. Geek, do-it-yourselfer and science fiction junkie by night. I like the internet even though it is likely the reason my mid never rests. Social media enthusiast with a Passion for community. I’m an open person with an obsession with volunteering, poverty prevention and international non-profit work. I over-share at times (mostly about my kid's bowel movements) and I re-blog the most random things.

Mother of two pre-schoolers and wife to a man who was my best friend since freshmen year of college, my life is not without its hiccups but is filled with stories of love and laughter.

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Day 2 if family in California and son is paying for touch air port and air line floors and sticking his hands in his mouth. Violent vomiting and diarrhoea… Thank goodness I learned to function on 2 hours sleep years ago. #motherhood #love #work #shoes

Finally getting a moment. Arrived home from work a few minutes to 8 PM and made pasta for the toddlers. They are enjoying dinner by 8:15 pm. My mother worked upwards of 70 hours and we always had a home cooked meal. The bar was set high. #motherhood #dinner #organic

Maya why are you gyrating while 9 months pregnant? LOL She is dedicated to her craft. #Hilarious #motherhood #pregnancy

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Because of a tyrannical toddler I’m operating off of 2 hours of sleep, instead of coffee, I swing my hair back and forth while making funny faces. #motherhood #toddlers #tantrums (Taken with Instagram)

Had to make the baby’s food before bed. Organic sweet potato. I also made myself some with cinnamon, nutmeg and agave nectar for lunch.

Joy, because there are no accidents and because motherhood Rocks! The things I never thought I wanted or was ready for were the things that made me great and brought me contentment!

You don’t need to loose yourself as a young mother you may just find a better more interesting version of self!

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